Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Academy Module

    1. Lesson Objectives summary

    2. Two pieces of key legislation

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. Acknowledging that personal conflicts do exist in everyday life

    3. The potential for the personal interest to influence decisions

    4. Perceptions also matter

    5. Summary of the types of the Conflicts

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. The impact on decision-making

    3. Reputational damage

    4. Legal responsibilities and personal liability

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. Declare any conflicts of interest

    3. Consider removing the conflict of interest

    4. Exclude conflicted Directors from relevant decision-making

    5. Record all steps taken

    6. Keep abreast of legal and regulatory requirements

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. End of Module quiz

Summary of Course

  • 20 lessons

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