Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Academy Module

    1. Lesson Objectives summary

    2. Separate roles

    3. One person, two hats

    4. No limits...

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. They are also known as 'Members’

    3. They own a proportion of the company

    4. They make occasional (not day-to-day) decisions

    5. They must operate under two key sets of rules

    6. They are not always humans

    7. Their liability is limited

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. They run the company for the shareholders

    3. They have many legal duties

    4. Being a Director entails holding huge responsibility

    5. They manage everything unless restricted by the articles

    6. They must not be barred from acting as a Director

    7. They must be over 16 years of age

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. What is a Shareholders Agreement?

    3. Do I need a Shareholders Agreement?

    4. How do they work?

    5. Wouldn't it be easier to change the Articles?

    1. Lesson Objectives Summary

    2. Shareholder approval needed

    3. Disagreements do happen

    4. It’s not always easy for shareholders to override decisions

    5. Relationship good practices

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